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Aussie Rules came to us in an epiphany!  We love Aussie wines, know a lot of Aussie producers, love the country, have a lot of contacts in the UK wine market and believe that the UK consumer hasn’t seen the best that Oz has to offer. Until now!


After working in the wine trade for over 10 years, I decided to go it alone.  I have worked in both sales and buying roles, selling to every part of the UK trade, from independent wine shops to the Supermarkets and from gastro-pubs to the large national chains.


The single, biggest thing I have learned in the wine industry is to relate to the consumer.  Understanding what the consumer wants, what makes particular wines sell and being able to place this at the forefront of our business.... I’ve always admired the Aussie can-do attitude and unpretentious approach to wine.  Australia is capable of producing world class wines, but these have been lost in the UK where a disproportionate amount of Aussie wine is entry level, bulk wine which have no provenance.  A lot of premium aussie producers have become disillusioned with the UK and pulled out because of pressures around currency and artificially low price points, I believe that wines with personality and quality that the consumer can relate to, can buck the trend.  Aussie Rules champions small, artisan producers from premium regions who produce outstanding wines that reflect the true essence of their region"....


Lee Barrie


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"Simply put....  Aussie Rules is a specialist importer and distributor of Australian Wines....We champion small, likeminded, artisan producers at the forefront of the Aussie Wine revolution, each maintaining meticulously high standards and a passion like no other..."And we are very proud to be representing them!"

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